Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Book Review: The It Girl, by Ruth Ware

The It Girl by Ruth Ware book cover and review
It took me forever (over a month) to get through The It Girl, but I really enjoyed how it ended.

I'm not sure if I didn't feel like reading because I wasn't engaged in the book, or if I wasn't engaged in the book because I didn't feel like reading. I have read almost all of Ware's books and enjoyed them, but The It Girl just seemed to drag on quite slowly for much of the story.

Hannah and April are roommates at Pelham, one of the Oxford University colleges. April has money, beauty, and friends. One of them is Will, with whom April quickly begins a romantic relationship. But Hannah can hardly breathe around Will, she has such a crush. 

By the end of their Freshman year, April is dead. She was murdered in their room, and Hannah discovers the body.

Ten years later, Hannah and Will are happily married and expecting their only child. They haven't kept in touch with their other college friends, mostly because the memories are too difficult. Hannah was instrumental in having the murderer brought to justice and is happy that part of her life is over. But, when the murderer dies in prison, the publicity begins again. And this time, new facts are brought up that make Hannah think the wrong person was convicted. She feels so guilty she can't stop trying to find the truth.

The chapters jump from "Before" to "After" for much of the book. So I guess there is a lot of background and buildup. But I just didn't get very much tension or anticipation until the "Before" parts quit--I think at about 70% through the book. After that--wow!

I didn't figure out who the guilty person was, which is always a bonus. There is a small group of characters, so it was pretty easy to keep track. The writing was easy. I just didn't get that jolt--the need to keep reading--until way late in the book.

Like I said, maybe it was just me. I do recommend The It Girl, although I would recommend other Ware books first.

Published by Gallery/Scout, July 12, 2022
eARC obtained from Edelweiss+
432 pages

Rating: 4/5

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