Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Told you it was a quick read . . .

Right Behind You was an intense, riveting, and quick read.  What a tortured youth.  The story ends hopefully, but not before many events occur that continue to affect not just the young kid, but his entire family.  I know that I am one who has always believed that even a young person should be held accountable for the heinous crimes he commits -- but then, there are many extenuating circumstances that we as "the public" are unaware of.  So, I guess we shouldn't judge to hastily.  Everyone has a story -- it's whether they are willing or able to explain it that can be a problem.

Now I'm going to read Wake, by Lisa McMann. The subtitle is "Your Dreams are Not Your Own."  Sounds spooky.  I'll let you know . . .

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