Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love doggie stories

I finished North of Beautiful and it was a good teen love story/problem novel.  I liked the dynamic and resolution of the abusive father problem -- he is just awful to both his daughter and his wife.  I liked the progression of the relationship of the two teens.  I really didn't feel the impact of the birthmark on Terrra's life.  Maybe this would come through better in movie form.  I kept forgetting about her appearance.  The author mentions that she gets stared at once in a while, and then I would think -- oh yeah, she's got that birthmark on her face.  The same for the cleft pallette scar.  There were a few moments, in the orphanage, and throughout the end of the book that the impact of these defects was felt, but I didn't think it was the main theme of the book.  The book was well written and I enjoyed reading it.

Now I'm reading Love is a Four-Legged Word, by Kandy Shepherd.  It's a light-hearted romance featuring a dog.  I can't resist a sappy dog book once in a while. 

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