Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Other Side of Life - Visit My Other Blog!

I haven't posted to my other blog for several years, but I'm in the process of completing a year-long house build and am now decorating, so I'd like to share my journey with you if you are interested.  Below I've posted part of my first post.  If you are interested, please follow me at

To start out, I'm just going to post a few pictures of the whole project.  My son is my contractor, which made this all the more special. It was very much a "hands on" project for me, so we are all proud of our accomplishments.

My son, the contractor, makes beautiful things! You can see many of creations at Follow him to see the beautiful furniture and other pieces he creates.

#millsnewhouse Land Cleared

#millsnewhouse basement

#millsnewhouse Framing
#millsnewhouse Almost finished!
Almost Finished! Taken July 1, 2016
We began clearing the land in early September, 2015.  Follow me, and I'll share our journey with you!

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  1. Amazing and love how your son has his hands in this for his beloved parents.


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