Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Book Review: Blight by Alexandra Duncan @DuncanAlexandra ‏

Blight, by Alexandra Duncan book cover and review
I was pleasantly surprised by how absorbed I became while reading Blight

We are introduced to a dystopian world controlled by big corporations. Yes, it is a somewhat familiar trope, but like I said, it was good.  Tempest is our main character.  She lives on a giant corn farm in Georgia.  It is run by AgraStar.  She was taken in and raised by the corporation after she was orphaned.  She now works as a security officer for them.  Basically, she's an indentured servant.  But she's happy.

Until...things go wrong on a security assignment, and they end up being attacked by scavengers - people who steal rather than work for the company.  And, as this attack is happening a bad explosion occurs at the research facility for AgraStar. Very quickly all of the vegetation around them is dead. And the blight continues to spread. Tempest finds herself on the run with an unlikely companion - one of the scavengers named Alder.  She and Alder keep on the run to avoid the Blight.  But they also must avoid AgriStar and most importantly, the gangs that will capture and kill both of them, no matter what their beliefs.

Of course, Tempest gets introduced to the beliefs of the scavengers and begins to question everything she has believed for her entire life. When she finally does reach safety -- she's not so sure she is safe.

As you can probably tell, there is a multitude of moral dilemmas touched upon in Blight. And it's also a suspenseful adventure story with characters that you might become attached to. I think my teens will enjoy this.

Published by Greenwillow, August 1, 2017
eARC obtained from Edelweiss
400 pages

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I read so much dystopian YA literature for a few years that I overloaded and haven't read any in the past couple of years. Maybe it's time I tried the genre again.

  2. I always love a good dystopian. Adding this one to my TBR pile for sure!


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