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Book Review: Last Chance, by Gregg Hurwitz

Last Chance, by Gregg Hurwitz book cover and review
For teens who can't get enough of books with non-stop action, Last Chance will be sure to please.

 Last Chance is the sequel to The Rains, so you may want to read that review first.  There may be spoilers ahead...

We pick up where we left off in The Rains. Chance, Patrick, and Alex are trying to survive while trying to save the world.  It is one ordeal for them after another.

I feel pretty much the same about Last Chance as I did The Rains. Here's what I said: For the young adult intended audience, The Rains is a non-stop thriller.  For a somewhat jaded adult reader like myself, it was just kind of "more of the same."

Last Chance is just one near-death, thrilling escape after another.  It does keep you turning pages, but for me, there was a bit too much of that and not enough plot movement.  The teens just get way too many lucky breaks. When the plot does move, it's a good one with more unexpected twists and turns than The Rains, which is why I actually liked Last Chance better.

I like the premise, the apocalyptic tension, and Horowitz gives pretty good explanations, reasons, and solutions for the situation. I thought the "bullying" aspects were also overdone.  How many times did Ben and his gang attack one of the main characters?  (Too many...)

Hurwitz isn't afraid to kill off characters -- in horribly gruesome ways. So be warned. No one is safe.

There is a not-entirely-happy but hopeful resolution. This series (a duology!) is a good one for reluctant readers who love action and can handle the gore.  They should start with The Rains first.

Published by Tor Teen, October 17, 2017
ARC obtained from the publisher
384 pages

Rating: 4/5

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