Monday, March 12, 2018

Book Review: Sometimes I Lie, by Alice Feeney @alicewriterland ‏

When you hear a novel described as "twisted," you can't help but try to figure out the twists as you are reading.  Sometimes I Lie is "twisted" in every sense of the word.  You got me, Ms. Feeney!

Amber is in a coma after a car accident, but she can hear and is aware of some of the things going on around her as she fades in and out. The reader gets three perspectives:  "Before" tells us the story of Amber's childhood from diary entries.  "Then" tells us the events in the week before she had her accident.  And "Now" gives us Amber's perspective as she lies in a hospital bed trying to remember what has happened to her and why.

Alice is OCD.  She has a sister named Claire.  Alice believes that her parents didn't love her, and they loved Claire more. Her husband, Paul, was once a successful writer but has not been able to produce anything recently.  Their marriage is strained. Possibly because of this strain, Alice has met with an old boyfriend a few times. The diary talks about a needy kind of childhood friendship with Taylor.

Sometimes I Lie is one of those books where I can't really say anything else.  The title is definitely appropriate. And, not only does Feeney tell a good story, she's a good writer.  Her descriptions and characterizations are excellent.

Sometimes I Lie is an adult book, and I would only recommend it to very mature teens.  It's not that it is that inappropriate, it's just deep. Highly recommended!

Published by Flatiron, March 13, 2018
eARC obtained from NetGalley
272 pages

Rating: 5/5

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  1. 5 stars and an intriguing premise mean this one is going on my TBR list. Thank you!

  2. I'm excited for this one. It definitely sounds like it would be hard to put down!


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