Friday, June 18, 2010


OK, I've been stuck in a historical fiction rut.  However, all the recent books I've read have sort of meshed together nicely.  Mudbound as well as Shanghai Girls and Flygirl all are about minorities and all have something to do with WWII and the period after.

Mudbound  is an excellent novel about racial segregation in the south, particularly after WWII.  It deals with share cropping, which is very unfair, and the difficulties of farming for not only the sharecroppers but also the property owners.  It was such a struggle, and it's easy to feel the frustration of the characters in the book.  There is also the post traumatic stress disorder issue, and of course, there was no therapy at that time other than a whiskey bottle. The book is narrated by several different characters, so the reader gets the story from several perspectives.  This book is highly recommended.

I'm going to read something completely different now!

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