Thursday, November 18, 2010

Avalanche Dance

Avalanche Dance, by Ellen Schwartz is a sweet little book that would be a quick read for teen girls.  Gwen is a 13-year-old gifted dancer.  She wants to attend a dance camp, but knows it will be a tough sell because it is expensive.  In the beginning of the book, we are also introduced to Molly, who used to be Gwen’s best friend, but is now hanging with the “wrong crowd,” drinking and smoking pot.  This adds a mysterious element to the story – wondering what happened to make these once fast friends grow so far apart.
Both of these girls experience catastrophes which force them together.  Gwen and her father are injured in an avalanche while skiing, which emotionally destroys Gwen’s ability to dance.  Molly and her new friends, while partying, burn down a cabin owned by Gwen’s parents, and must complete community service hours by working for them.  The plot is weak at some points and the end is predictable, but this is a heartwarming story that leaves one satisfied.  I was able to relate to both girls, once I reminded myself that they were only 13, and therefore some of their feelings and actions were not those of more mature teenagers.
I would recommend this book to pre-teens, except for the drinking and pot-smoking, which is portrayed in a very negative light.  So maybe it would have a positive effect on younger minds.
Thanks to LibraryThing and the publisher, Tundra Books, for providing me with this copy for my (uncompensated) review.

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  1. Hmmm, doesn't look like something I'd read but boy do I love LT! I hate when you have a book that could be perfect for someone younger but there's a few things that's stopping you from recommending it.


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