Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Hopping & Following

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Crazy for BooksIn the spirit of the Twitter Friday Follow, the Book Blogger Hop is a place just for book bloggers and readers to connect and share our love of the written word!  This weekly BOOK PARTY is an awesome opportunity for book bloggers to connect with other book lovers, make new friends, support each other, and generally just share our love of books!  It will also give blog readers a chance to find other book blogs to read! 

 "Since Thanksgiving is coming up next week, let's use this week's Hop to share what we are most thankful for and what our holiday traditions are!"

My answer:  I'm so lucky and I have so much to be thankful for.  Loving husband, successful kids, wonderful extended family, a job I love, enough money to enjoy life, great friends -- including my blogging buddies.  Thanks for adding to my enjoyment -- I'm having so much fun!
Holidays are kind of in transition for us.  Kids are grown and may have other obligations.  I try not to put pressure on them, because I know the holidays can be so stressful.  Anyway, they are both going to have "dinner at Grandma's" with us.  And that's special.  My sister and sister-in-law and I have a Friday shopping tradition (dating back to before it was called black Friday) that we will continue to uphold!
Hope you all have a great holiday and have something to be truly thankful for!

Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee's View.  Today's question is:

How long have you been book blogging??

I started a blog about a year ago that included book reviews, recipes, and sewing projects.  I still have that blog here.  I recently split off the book review portion of my blog so that I could participate in "book blogger things."  You know what I mean.  It's been GREAT.  I'm having a great time getting to know you all and learning so much about books.  It's really helped me on the job, too (I'm a librarian.)

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you on the hop!


  1. Just stopping by from the Hop. Have a great weekend!

  2. HI nice to meet you, I'm a new follower . Hope you have a nice weekend.


  3. How long is too long?

    I was blogging from my official website about the interactive fiction books
    I was writing before the words "blog" and "blogging" entered the English

    And I blogged a lot about many things -- not just books.

    I need to blog off topic a little more, I think. I don't want people to the
    idea I'm too two dimensional!

    Thank God It's Follow Friday!

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Howard Sherman

  4. Just saying hi from Follow my Book Blog Friday! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. It sounds lovely. You're very brave to venture out to shop on Black Friday. Sometimes my daughter and I manage to get some shopping done on the weekend, but Friday is too daunting!

  6. Your newest follower wishing you a wonderful weekend and a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad to know improper grammar bothers someone else, too. :]

    Have a good weekend!


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