Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Audio Book Review: Of Poseidon, by Anna Banks

I found Of Poseidon to be a bit too over the top for my tastes, but I still think there could be wide appeal for the intended audience.

Galen is the Syrena (read: Mermaid) ambassador to the humans. Not that any humans know anything about the Syrena. Well, there are two of them that do, and they help Galen.  When he meets Emma on a beach in Florida, there is instant attraction, but Galen can't figure out why. Until he realizes that Anna is possibly Syrena -- and she doesn't eve know it!

Of Poseidon is about Anna discovering her powers and figuring out her heritage, as she and Galen become more and more involved -- but both are denying their attraction to each other. There are two factions of Syrena - those that follow Poseidon and those that follow Triton, and this causes some additional tension.

Anna and Galen's relationship is cute -- too cute for me. I didn't like the denial of feelings and the dishonesty. Anna is supposed to be tough because she is stubborn and thinks for herself. I found this stubbornness made her more annoying than tough. This may have to do with the narrator's voice, but I found Anna to be too whiny. I got so tired of her voice.

The repetition of certain phrases drove me crazy. And I've NEVER commented on this in any other review I've written. So you know it was big, if it bothered me. "Oh my sweet goodness!" and "Triton's Trident!" were repeated over and over. Even if people speak this way in real life (some are very repetitive, I know), authors SHOULD NOT do this.

As far as the plot and some of the big surprises, well, I wasn't surprised. This was a situation where the characters couldn't figure out what was OBVIOUS to the reader. Even teen readers would pick up on most of these answers fairly easily and much before the characters. This slowed down the story and weakened the plot, and all the delay of figuring things out really isn't necessary.

Of Poseidon would appeal to younger teens. It's a totally clean, cute read that less experienced readers will find easy and entertaining.

I found the narrator to be too high-pitched and whiny, like I said. She did vary the voices for the characters which made it easier, but the combination of her voice and the immaturity of Emma was a bit much for me. I'm sure that's the way she was supposed to narrate, but I had issues.

Published by Feiwel & Friends, 2012
Audio Book obtained from Sync YA
336 pages

Rating: 2.5/5

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  1. Oh, I liked the narrator haha. I thought this was a fun audio—I actually listened to the sequel too. I have to agree with the obviousness of the situation, though it didn't really bother me too much.


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