Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Wow. Have you ever had one of those weeks? One where you look at your calendar and think, this isn't going to be so bad, and then... I tell you what -- the last few days have about done me in, and I'm not even sure why. Let's just say I'm glad this doesn't happen often. Almost never.

Anyway, I usually post three book reviews a week -- once in a while I get four. This week, I had one lined up for Monday, and I haven't even finished a short book that I started on SATURDAY so I could post another review. I just can't seem to find time to read.

All of it isn't bad. I've had some time with my kids, and did some shopping, so I'm not saying that I'm miserable -- just BUSY.

The Cardinals play tonight -- so I'll be watching the game -- and reading during commercials. Tomorrow night I have a party. I many NEVER finish another book!!! (Sometimes that's how I've felt this week.)

Anyway, excuse the rant. But I couldn't stand being quiet for 3 or 4 days in a row! Wish me luck....

Go Cards! 

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  1. Good luck! I've been derailed for awhile now, but finally seem to be getting back on track. Enjoy the party tomorrow, and don't stress too much about your reading!

  2. Good luck! I totally can sympathize—sometimes work and social life and family stuff gets so busy that I don't have time to read, but it's usually a good kind of busy. Hope you get to squeeze some reading in soon, and have fun watching the game and at your party!

  3. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes the books just have to come last, unfortunately. Don't worry though, we understand your silence.


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