Thursday, September 11, 2014

Audio Book Review: The Hiding Place, by Corrie ten Boom and Elizabeth and John Sherrill

What a wonderful, heartfelt story The Hiding Place is  I was captivated by this true story of real-life heroes.

Corrie ten Boom repaired watches in her father's Dutch clock shop. After the Germans invade Holland during WWII, her life changes. She becomes a leader of the underground, trying to save as many Jews as possible and keep them hidden and safe.

The story starts out and gives us the background for Corrie and her family's life. Family was always most important, and once blood relatives were gone, the ten Booms began adopting children in need. God was the center of this Christian household.

The activities that Corrie participated in after the occupation are dangerous and fascinating. She and her sister eventually end up in a prison camp for their part in the resistance, and this section of the books is heartbreaking. It wasn't just the Jews who suffered under German occupation.

Their steadfast belief in the Gospel, and their commitment to spread the word of God under dangerous conditions is truly unbelievable. I consider myself a Christian, but I'm not sure I could dig deep enough under circumstances like these, to not only become stronger in my faith, but actually give thanks for my predicament and the opportunity to minister to others! I readily admit - I'm not that good.

But I was fascinated by the attitude of these characters and the difference they made in so many lives. Even after the war, Corrie ten Boom continued to minister to those who were suffering from its effects.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to learn more about WWII and how it affected Holland. The Hiding Place would be a good one to pair with Rose Under Fire because it is about strong women using every means available to survive and assist others.

As far as the narrator, Bernadette Dunne, she was really slow. I must admit, I listened at 1.5 speed. It made her voice a little funny, but still very understandable. I just couldn't stand how SLOW it was read.

Published by Chosen Books, 1971, audio by Christian Audio
Audio book obtained from Sync YA Literature
272 pages

Rating: 5/5

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