Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Book Review: The Fireman by Joe Hill

To summarize my feelings about The Fireman very quickly: fascinating premise but too long.

A new disease is spreading like wildfire (pun intended.) This disease causes the person to get scales like a dragon, but eventually the victim bursts into flame and burns up, many times burning everything surrounding them.

Harper is a nurse who volunteers to help those who are infected, at least until they burn up. There is no cure. The hospital eventually burns and she returns home to her husband to try to stay safe. But that isn't to be. She becomes infected and her husband leaves her.

She ends up meeting some people who have started a community for those who are infected to live. They are in hiding, since there are Cremation Squads who are looking for the infected so they can wipe them out. They also have discovered a way to stay alive. They don't have a cure, but they've adapted so that they can control the disease. One of these people, The Fireman, actually can use the disease to help them fight. Harper is pregnant, her husband has gone rogue and is hunting her down, and all she wants to do is stay safe until her baby is born.

Life is not easy, dealing with the disease, trying to hide, and trying to get along with the leaders of the camp. There are interesting side characters that I also became attached to. Harper must overcome obstacle after devastating obstacle. Just when you think she's finally safe -- well, she's not.

There is a lot of excitement and tension within the pages of The Fireman. But there's a lot of boring, long, extra spots too. That's really my only complaint. Sometimes, for example when Harper first gets to the camp, it's just too long before anything significant happens. I know that Joe Hill is Stephen King's son, so I guess he gets this penchant for long books from his father...

I would definitely recommend The Fireman to those who enjoy apocalyptic novels. Just be prepared to spend some time with this one.

Published by William Morrow, May 17, 2016
Copy obtained from Edelweiss
768 pages

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Ooh I like the premise. People getting infected and having scales like dragons? Interesting. I'm curious as to how the community is staying alive, as you've said earlier in your review that the infected usually bursts into flames eventually. I'm intrigued by Harper's character too, since she's pregnant, and I want to know how she's handling her husband leaving her and becoming the enemy. Aside from the fact that it drags in certain areas, seems like the kind of story I'd read. Thanks for your honest and great review.


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