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Book Review: March, Book One, by John Lewis and Andrew Aydin

March, Book One by John Lewis book cover and review
March: Book One is the story of the life of U.S. Congressman John Lewis.  It is the first of a three-part graphic novel series about his life.

John Lewis was (and is) a staunch supporter and fighter for civil rights.  March: Book One is the beginning of his life when he discovered Martin Luther King and several other civil rights leaders. John Lewis got arrested for the first of many times in this book.

His philosophy is all about passive, nonviolent resistance. At the end of the book, he makes a point of discussing that this fight is not only against the white leadership but also the black leadership because so far, they have been content with "partial segregation."  John Lewis was one of the first of the new generation that would only be content with true equality.

I enjoyed this book and learned some things about the history of the civil rights movement.  I did find the print to be extremely tiny, but my eyes are old and this may not be a problem for everyone. The book goes back and forth from the past to the present very abruptly because it is told as if John Lewis is telling his life story to a couple of children in 2009. In some spots, there is a (very tiny) date indicated so you know you've jumped, but not every time, so I kept having to backtrack.

The artwork is black and white and goes well with the text.  I'm not a fan of graphic novels. I read the bubbles in the wrong order -- it's not a natural thing for me.  I read too fast and don't always take the time to look at the art, but March: Book One is worth the time.

March: Book One is nominated for the Lincoln Award, Illinois Teen Readers' Choice Award for 2018. Students interested in the history of civil rights should not miss this one.

Published by Top Shelf Productions, 2013
Copy obtained from the library
121 pages

Rating: 4/5

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