Monday, May 7, 2018

Book Review: Furyborn, by Claire Legrand @clairelegrand

Furyborn, by Claire Legrand book cover and review
Furyborn is set in a vivid fantasy world, where two formidable women pursue different paths in different time periods. The reader wonders why these two stories are 1000 years apart, but they must be related in some way -- and that mystery is part of the reason this tale is so compelling.

Reille is in love with the crown prince, who is betrothed to Reille's best friend. When Reille reveals powerful abilities to save the prince, it is suspected that she is the Sun Queen, who legend says can save the world.  She must withstand seven deadly tests, one for each of the elements, in order to prove her identity.

A thousand years later, Eliana is a bounty hunter.  Her family survives only because of her murderous acts. But when her mother disappears, along with many other women from the city, everything changes.  As she rebels against the empire, she hooks up with an untrustworthy revolutionary captain who promises to help her find her mother.  But his intentions prove otherwise. He wants to show Eliana the secrets of this evil world and show her how her abilities may be the key to creating change.

The leaps in both time and point-of-view are unsettling at first, but events urge the reader forward as these powerful women meet each obstacle and begin to discover the secrets that bind them together.

Given what we learn at the end, I wonder how these stories can be 1000 years apart, but I guess more will be revealed in future installments of The Empirium Trilogy.

The suspense builds at the end of each chapter, and then you are in the other women's world!  It's frustrating but effective. Incorporating powerful magical feats, Furyborn will leave you wanting more. Teens who enjoy epic fantasy will be enthralled.  Can't wait to recommend Furyborn.

Published by Sourcebooks Fire, May 22, 2018
ARC obtained from School Library Connection Magazine and NetGalley
491 pages

Rating: 5/5

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