Saturday, September 18, 2010

Audio Book . . .

I finished listening to Sarah Waters' book The Little Stranger.  I thought the book took a long time to get started, but that could have been because I was listening to the audiobook, and I tend to drag those out.  It is a very macabre book, as most of the reviews indicate.  The reader just is never quite sure what is going on, but it certainly isn't much good.  Basically the story is about a haunted house.  The house is really the main character, and the descriptions are wonderful.  Dr. Faraday, the narrator, is mostly blind to the creepy nature of Hundreds Hall.  I think he falls in love with the house, more than any of the Ayres family that live in it. Rest assured, there is no happy ending here.

If you are interested in historical fiction, with a very creepy twist, this would be the book for you!

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