Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book Review: Dead Man's Eye by Shaun Jeffrey

Dead Man’s Eye is a dark and scary novella that may keep you up at night.

Joanna has had a corneal transplant, and as she is waiting for a train to take her to her doctor’s office, she witnesses a horrible accident in which a man loses his arm. But, Joanna sees some type of dark shadow enter his body shortly after the accident. She runs into this man, Lincoln, at the hospital, and he is still shrouded in this dark shadow.

Joanna thinks she’s going crazy and finally decides to tell her boyfriend, Stephen, and her doctor, but they are sure there is some medical explanation for her condition.

Things get worse and worse for Joanna, as she sees her best friend killed and taken over by one of these demons. There are more and more people being taken over, Joanna is being accused of murder, and she’s the only one that can see what is happening.

What can she do? How can she get proof that mankind is in grave danger?

I read this short book in one sitting, and I must admit it really gave me the creeps. The plot is the driving force in this story; we don’t learn much about the characters. I felt, at times, that there was a lot of “telling” and not “showing” to move things along more quickly. If Jeffrey had made this novel a bit longer, with more characterization and a bit more development of the plot, I would have enjoyed it more.

However, this story is worth the time it takes to read it, especially if you want some creep factor. This is an adult book—there are sexual conversations, some violent sex, and language, so definitely not for the younger crowd.

Published by Deshca Press, 2010
Ebook obtained from the author, through Smashwords

Rating: 3/5

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