Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time for a Giveaway!

I have a couple of books that I've read and would like to pass on to anyone who is interested in reading them. You don't need to be a follower, but if you want to, that would certainly be OK! You DO need to be at least 13 years old. You DO need to have a US mailing address. You need to fill out the form below, and you need to know that I will personally be mailing these books to the winners and I'm not responsible if the post office loses or damages the books (and I certainly HOPE that never happens!)

So here's what's up for grabs:

Eli the Good  by Silas House.  Paperback. Here's my review.

From the publisher: Bicentennial fireworks burn the sky. Bob Seger growls from a transistor radio. And down by the river, girls line up on lawn chairs in pursuit of the perfect tan. Yet for ten-year-old Eli Book, the summer of 1976 is the one that threatened to tear his family apart. There is his distant mother; his traumatized Vietnam vet dad; his wild sister; his former war protester aunt; and his tough yet troubled best friend, Edie, the only person with whom he can be himself. As tempers flare and his father’s nightmares rage, Eli watches from the sidelines, but soon even he cannot escape the current of conflict. From Silas House comes a tender look at the complexities of childhood and the realities of war — a quintessentially Southern novel filled with music, nostalgic detail, a deep respect for nature, and a powerful sense of place.


The Limping Man, by Maurice Gee. This is the third book in the Salt Trilogy, and it is and ARC. Here's my review.

From the publisher: In this compelling final volume of The Salt Trilogy, Hana narrowly escapes Blood Burrow after her mother chooses to swallow poison rather than die in the great witch-burning in People's Square. Deep in the forest she meets Ben, son of Lo, and Hawk, who becomes her silent protector and guide. But even in the forest there is no peace. When they learn of the advancing armies that will wipe out all those who have sought refuge in the wilderness, they realize they have no choice but to return to the city and confront the terrible power of the Limping Man head-on. The problem is they know that, unless they discover the secret to his power, none of them—alone or together—is strong enough to fight the evil the Limping Man embodies.

Here's the form if you are interested. I'll take entries until midnight (Central time) April 19, 2011. Good Luck!

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  1. Yay for a giveaway!! :-)

  2. I enjoyed the visit.
    Please stop in at my blog and join in with the giveaway of "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks. If you've already read it, you can always give it to a friend.


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