Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Review: Out of Time, by Monique Martin

I have mixed feelings about Out of Time: A Paranormal Romance. It almost felt like a book in two parts; there was the romance that was the first half, and at almost exactly 50% (on my Kindle) the book mentioned “vampire” for the first time.

I didn’t enjoy the romance part as much as the rest.  Simon Cross, a professor, and his graduate assistant, Elizabeth West, have had a very respectable, professional relationship. But there has always been some romantic tension on both of their parts, but neither has been willing to take the first step. Simon gets his grandfather’s old pocket watch, and as he is showing it to Elizabeth, something happens, and they both end up in New York City, circa 1929! They decide to act like they are married, and as they follow through with this premise, the sexual tension builds and builds (and builds.) I got really tired of each of these character’s inner dialogs. They go on for pages and pages, and I began to skip over these parts. Yes Simon, I get that you don’t think you are worthy of Elizabeth and that you are too old for her. Yes, Elizabeth, I get that you don’t think Simon is interested in you in “that way.” Finally, they profess their true feelings, have sex, and we can get on with the story.

It is prohibition, and the only jobs they can find are in a speakeasy – Elizabeth as a cocktail waitress, and Simon as the piano player.  I really liked how the romance continued to deepen in the second half; it was realistic and touching. The proprietor, Charlie, is one of my favorite characters. He’s a sweetheart and I though he added a lot to the story. King Kashian is the king of the underworld that supervises these speakeasies and offers them protection. There is something weird about King, and when he takes a particular interest in Elizabeth, both Charlie and Simon become very worried. It turns out their fears are justified.

The story gets very exciting and dangerous. Of course, Simon and Elizabeth are desperate to get back home, but while they are waiting for the opportunity, they must avoid King. The ending is tense and exciting and I was happy with the way things turned out.

Monique Martin is publishing  a sequel this summer called When the Walls Fell, and I will be interested in reading it. I would recommend this for adults or mature teens that are paranormal romance fans.

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Rating:  3/5

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