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2012 - Statistically Speaking

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I like to do these summary posts mostly for me, so I have a record, but if you are interested, here's my reading accomplishments for 2012.

You can see the detailed list of all my reviews on my 2012 Review Archives Page.

I'd also like to mention that really I'm posting about books I reviewed in 2012 -- I think there were a couple reviews at the beginning of the year of books I actually read in 2011. Likewise, I already have about 3 reviews ready to post in 2013 of books that I read in 2012. It just gets confusing if I try to keep track of all that, and it's pretty much a wash anyway.

If you are interested in favorite books of the year, you can check out my 2012 End of Year Book Survey.

The numbers:

I read 172 books in 2012, which was actually less than the 180 I read in 2011. I'm surprised. I thought I had read more this year.

If you look at number of pages, I read 55,278 pages officially. There were some unpaginated books too, so it's really more than that. Average book length: 331 pages. Still less than the 56,790 pages I read in 2011. Oh well. I really can't read any more than I do -- I do have a life, after all!

69 of the books I read were e-books, and 17 were audiobooks. Definitely more audiobooks this year than last.

Average book rating (out of a scale of 5) was 3.71. This may seem a bit high, but I never give "1" ratings -- if a book is that bad, I don't finish it. And I rarely give "2" ratings (7 this year, and one 1.5). 23 books got a 5/5 rating this year. That's about 13% of the books I read, which is a little higher than last year. Must have been a great book year!

Here's a link to my 2011 statistics, for comparison.

I'm hoping that 2013 will be about the same. I would always want to have bigger numbers, but I'm pretty happy with my numbers from 2012, and if I do that well this year, then I'll be happy with that!

How did your year go? Did you meet your goals? Are you surprised by anything? What about 2013? Are your goals the same, or are you making adjustments?

Thanks for visiting and Happy Reading!

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  1. I love reading this kind of statistics! I made one for my blog as well.

    172 is a great number of books! Hope you do just as well this year (:

  2. Wow, 172 books is quite an accomplishment! I only read 103, though I will say that I ended up reading a lot of very long, time-consuming books this year (especially the Song of Ice and Fire series). Goodreads said that my average book rating is 3.85. Hope this year is another great reading year for you!

  3. Sounds like a great year of reading. I think these end of the year surveys are fun since when we're in the middle of our reading we don't think about how many, what type, etc

  4. Your statistics floor me! Congratulations!


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