Friday, March 1, 2013

Feature & Follow Friday: Blogging Sins

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Happy Friday everyone. And Happy March. It's my birthday month! Here's this week's discussion question from Parajunkee and Alison:

Q: Confess your blogger sins! Is there anything as a newbie blogger that you've done, that as you gained more experience you were like -- oops?

I don't know if I'd call it a "sin," but when I first started blogging (on a different blog that included more than posts about books) I would feature the book I was going to read next. So, I would write just a short paragraph of a review about the book I just finished, and then post a picture of the NEXT book I was going to read. I didn't use the title of the book for my blog post title. It's virtually impossible to search for book reviews from back then.

There are so many things I've learned since I started blogging. (So many "sins" to atone for!) It amazes me when I read about bloggers having "researched" and "explored" all kinds of book blogs and blogging tips before they started their own blog. I just jumped right in. Didn't know much about anything, but I learned a lot as I went along. And I've had a lot of fun.

How about you? Done any "stupid blogging tricks" you want to tell me about? Leave your link. And thanks for visiting. Come back soon!

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  1. My earliest mistake was starting my blog without having a clear direction for it, because then I thought it was cool to have a website. Yeah, it's still cool, but I've found my purpose: writing and Books! :)

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  2. I'm with KayKay. When I first started blogging many years ago, I had no idea what I really wanted to do with my blog. It was a writing AND review site and it just didn't work because there was ZERO direction. Then I asked for guest writers and they all stopped writing because there were no comments.

    As soon as I separated my blogs and gave each of them direction, they both took off! Now, I'm crazy busy! LOL!

  3. I think my biggest sin when I first started blogging was not setting time frames for myself. I would overcommit, and take on too many review books and author guest posts, and it began to feel like a job I was always behind on! Now that I blog with other people, it's so much better! But it's really hard to say no, if even to yourself (set me loose in a store and I'll come back with an armful of books I "just have to review!!") :-)

  4. I'm new to book blogging and making mistakes left and right. But memes and hops like this are helping me correct them and fast! For example, I didn't have a review policy until this went live because I suddenly realized EVERYONE HAD ONE. Also, I really need to say no to some reviews. My "to be read & reviewed" list is a bit...overwhelming!

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  5. I just jumped right in too. I have learned bunches about making posts prettier. I hope anyways. I really didn't think about the work it takes to keep a blog going.I am so glad I did it though. I really do enjoy it very much.

  6. I was definitely one of those "researchers" - except kind of indirectly. I waited a year, just reading blogs and observing blog behavior, before I joined the blogging community. It definitely helped a lot to observe things on my own - I think I have a pretty successful two-month-old blog because I waited and "researched". But you are SO not doing terrible for a two-feet-in start! :D

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  7. OMG you should check out my sin it's about my exco-blogger :P

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