Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Other Side of Life - A Grocery (or Book?) Bag

I'm using these posts to occasionally describe other things I enjoy (besides books.) I used to post these projects on my other blog, but I posted so seldom that I decided to include them here. Feel free to skip this one, if you are strictly in it for the books.

I try to always bring my own grocery bags to the store. I've heard that this can be a problem because when you re-use bags, they can get all sorts of bacteria on them. So, I've started only using the laminated kind that can be washed out, or cloth ones that I make and can throw in the washing machine.

Here's my first attempt:
This was made with the New Leaf Folding Totes pattern. The pattern includes a pocket and Velcro tabs, so you can fold the bag up. It's a really nice feature, but I eliminated it for this bag. It also includes a tote sash pattern, so you can hold together your folded up bags. It's a great concept -- because my bags are always floating all over my car or house. There's a nice wallet pouch pattern too that would be great for coupons.

I think it turned out cute, but it's really small. I'm the kind of person that buys groceries for the week. So I need lots of bags that can hold a lot. If you were the type of person who just stops at the store to buy what's needed for the evening meal, this might work out for you. For me, I think it's a lovely new book bag!

I'm going to look for another pattern for a bigger tote bag. I'll let you know when I've made another bag.

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