Thursday, August 22, 2013

Book Review: Crown of Midnight, by Sarah J. Maas @SJMaas

Love, love, love. That's the first thing I can think of when trying to review Crown of Midnight. See that cover? Yea, it's perfect.

Celaena just goes after it in Crown of Midnight. She's the royal assassin, so she's at the king's mercy, but she's very clever, and tries very hard to do what is right. Crown of Midnight is all about her struggle to do that. She's out to save the kingdom, and possibly the world.

I read a review that said they didn't like Celaena because she never killed anyone. Did you read the same book? Yes, there were times when she didn't kill when she was supposed to, but she definitely killed to defend herself and her loved ones several times. There is no better way to describe Celaena but to say "kick ass." I loved the description of the fight scenes. I'd love to see Celaena on the big screen with her knives and swords!

There's some progression of the story too. We find out some pretty important things about the king, Dorian, and Celaena. There's more than just fighting -- there's a story here. And I can't wait to find out how it all is resolved.

And the romance -- ohhhhh -- that's not to be missed either. I loved the ebb and flow of the relationships and am happy about how things are going, even if all is not resolved.

I guess if I had to come up with something negative, I'd have to say that there's quite a bit of magic in this one, and since fantasy elements are my least favorite, it was a bit much. But that's only if I HAVE to come up with something negative. Otherwise, I wouldn't have mentioned it because it's really a personal thing.

Not only would I recommend Throne of Glass, I would highly recommend the 4 novellas that are prequels to that one. Then, you must continue with Crown of Midnight. This is definitely a must read series -- and I can't wait to continue to shove these books at my teens!

Published by Bloomsbury USA, August 27, 2013
eBook obtained from NetGalley
432 pages

Rating: 5/5

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  1. Ahh I just read this one and absolutely loved it! I'm so happy this series is continuing so strongly, I'm now really looking forward to the amazingness of the last book! Great review!

  2. Celaena does sound like the kick-ass type of character that I love! I have been wanting to get into this series for a while. I'm hesitant because fantasy is a hit or miss for me but it sounds so good! I'm glad the sequel was just as strong! :)

  3. I didn't read the first book because it did not really appeal to me and the reviews I've read were kind of lukewarm. I find it interesting that many people love the sequel much more and it makes me want to rethink my decision of skipping this series.


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