Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book Review: Find Me, by Romily Bernard

Find Me is a riveting thriller that I think many teens will really enjoy.

Wick and her sister Lily have had a rough life. Their father is a drug dealer who is on the lam and their mother committed suicide. But, things may be looking up because their new foster parents are well off, and seem to be very committed to the girls.

Wick, of course, can't trust anyone. She's a hacker, and she secretly helps women investigate the men in their lives that they think are cheating on them. She is socking away the money for the next time she and Lily have to run.

Wick finds a diary on her front porch that says "Find Me." It turns out the diary belongs to a girl named Tessa who used to be Wick's friend. Tessa has committed suicide, but there's obviously more to the story. As she reads the diary she discovers that Tessa was being abused by a man. And...Lily is mentioned in the diary because Tessa knows she is this man's next victim.

The love interest is Griff. He's just a fellow student who hangs around the computer room, and apparently has been crushing on Wick for a long time. The development of their relationship is quite cute.

The main mystery is Wick trying to find who the man is that drove Tessa to suicide, but there are many complexities that add to the intrigue. Tessa is, of course, reminded of her mom's death. Her dad reappears, and once again pulls Wick into his illegal schemes. Wick is so frightened of everyone, that she is literally crippled. There's a cop who wants to help, but she doesn't believe his motives. Her foster father is a counselor who she considers confiding in, but can't. It turns out the only person she decides to trust is Griff.

So there were a couple of weak plotting elements that I can't be specific about, and yes, there's a huge shocker of an ending. But....I wasn't really that shocked. I suspected this person for quite a while. It's OK though. I still enjoyed Find Me, and I thought the characters were really well done. Because of the ending, it's pretty obvious that there's going to be another book involving Wick's hacking and investigating, and I'm looking forward to it.

Find Me is a real page turner that I think can be enjoyed by teens and adults who like a twisted, psychological mystery that involves a tough teen heroine.

Published by HarperTeen, September 24, 2013
eARC obtained from Edelweiss
320 pages


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