Thursday, July 2, 2015

Book Review: Taking Pity, by David Mark

Taking Pity by David Mark book cover and review
While I enjoyed Taking Pity, it is my least favorite of the Detective Sergeant McAvoy novels simply because McAvoy isn't in it enough!

Taking Pity follows the familiar path of these books, in that there are two seemingly unrelated crimes being investigated that somehow become entwined. Aector has been pulled from his medical leave to investigate a multiple murder that occurred in the 1960s. The perpetrator admitted the crime and has been in a mental institution ever since. He's never been tried and the authorities want to know if they should have a trial.

Pharaoh is investigating a group of vigilante criminals who have gone rogue. Apparently they can't even control their own people and are murdering not only bad guys, but each other.

There are a lot of characters and the scenes switch rather quickly. Aector is struggling with the devastation caused at the end of the previous book, Sorrow Bound.  Although his wife and baby are safe, they are in protective custody and Aector feels guilty and misses them terribly.

The story is somewhat gruesome and compelling. These men aren't just murderers, they insist that their victims suffer before their deaths. If you are interested, you should begin with the first book in the series, The Dark Winter (still my favorite).  The best thing about the series is that the characters have unique personalities, and the sleuthing is always surprising.

Published by Blue Rider Press, July 7, 2015
eARC obtained from NetGalley and the publisher
336 pages

Rating: 4/5

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  1. This doesn't sound like it is YA. Do you think teens would like this series?
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I think you are "bookish and wonderful."

    1. It's an adult book, more suited for adults, but those teens that enjoy detective stories (Kellerman, Coben, etc.) may enjoy these.


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