Friday, February 26, 2016

Feature & Follow Friday - Favorite Genre??

Today's discussion prompt for Feature & Follow Friday is:

  • Ten Reasons You Read Your Favorite Genre
Hmmm... Well I don't really have a favorite genre because I read almost everything. I mostly like to mix it up so I don't read the same kind of book over and over. But here's some random thoughts about why I read what I read.

  • I read mostly YA or books appropriate for teens because I'm a high school librarian and it's part of my job. But...
  • I will still read  a lot of YA even when I'm retired because there's a lot of good, exciting stuff out there.
  • Historical Fiction may be considered my favorite genre. I like it because I never learned much history in school and I love learning it through fictional characters.
  • Straight-up romance is probably my least favorite genre. If romance is featured in a book, I love that, but I don't usually enjoy a book just about romance. There are exceptions.
  • I'm not tired of dystopians
  • Another turn off for me is high fantasy, where magic solves everything. Once again, I like a fantasy element, but it can't be the driving force of the plot. There are exceptions.
  • I'm a sucker for girls in gorgeous dresses on covers. Anyone who says they don't judge a book by its cover is lying.
  • I like to mix it up, genre-wise. If I read two or three books of the same genre in a row, I tend to rate the later books lower. I just need variety.
OK. I got 8.  What about you? What do you love about your favorite genre? Leave me a link and be sure to visit our hosts Parajunkee and Alison. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love reading YA, romance is just one of those genres that I can not get into.

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  2. YA is my favourite genre and within that I do like to vary what I read, though fantasy is always something I come back to! You have a good point about how magic shouldn't always be what solves the problems and I've been finding more and more books where that isn't the case which is brilliant :D happy reading!

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