Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hush, Hush

I’ve read a lot about this book, and now I know why.  I think Hush, Hush will appeal to Twilight and Shiver readers and introduces yet another type of sexy supernatural hero – the fallen angel.  And one of my favorite book covers EVER.

Nora is attracted to Patch, unlike any other attraction she has ever felt.  She also senses there is a danger associated with this relationship.  She finds herself doing things that she would never have considered before. She can feel the unnatural pull and can even tell that Patch is putting thoughts into her mind.  The suspense and danger build, until the reader discovers the truth about Patch and his friends.

This book is exciting.  It’s romantic.  I can think of many potential teen readers that I would hand this book to.  But, there are a lot of unbelievable aspects to the story.  I’m not buying that Nora is 16-years-old and her mom leaves her basically alone and fending for herself.  To me, the character of Dorothea, the housekeeper, was weak and since she disappears half way through the book, unbelievable.  Even after Nora’s mom returns from her business trip, she is NEVER home.

I get it – these stories (Twilight, Shiver, etc.) require parents who are inattentive and this is how Fitzpatrick has allowed her story to unfold.

I’m not buying that a teenager would call 911, and the investigating officers would leave her house without talking to a parent.  I’m not buying that Nora is so stupid and na├»ve – I won’t be specific about the many examples of this, because I don’t want to give away any of the plot.

But . . . as I’ve already said,  teen girls are gonna love this one!

Side note—I’ve been reading a lot on my Kindle.  As I was reading this “real” book, I found myself getting annoyed that I couldn’t click on a word to find out it’s definition.  I love that feature of my Kindle, and maybe I’m getting a little spoiled!


  1. A couple of girls in my book club were talking about this series and it sounded interesting. I am really intrigued by the whole "fallen angel" aspect.
    But I agree, it is a tad ridiculous that the parents in these stories are never around. Maybe that should be announced in a PTA meeting or something,

    "Parents, if you involve yourself in your children's lives not only are they more likely to stay away from drugs and stay in school but you will also keep them from falling in love with vampires, werewolves, and angels."

  2. Although I'm a teen girl, I was actually pretty unimpressed with this book. There's the flaws you pointed out, and /so many/ other plot holes. I just couldn't get in to the story.

    I agree with you, though - the cover is pretty much fantastic!


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