Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book Review: The Darkening, by Maggie L. Wood

The Darkening is another episode of the story of Princess Willow and her family in the world of Mistolear.

This time Willow must do battle with the faeries in their world of Clarion. She will meet goblins, trolls, phookas, and other awful creatures in this new game. She is also playing the game with two fairies, Dacia and Theon, the children of Jarlath, which means they are the siblings of Nezzie. Remember Nezzie now lives in Mistolear, and Willow thinks of him as a brother.

It will take everything Willow has to figure out the trickery and overcome the obstacles thrown at her. Because when it comes to the Faeries, none of the usual rules of society apply.  Willow also has Brand at her side once again, and watching their romance develop is a very meaningful part of the story. If Willow doesn't win, Mistolear will once again be open to the control of the faeries.

The action never stops, and while there are dangers afoot, I still consider this a fun book. I just never had any doubt that Princess Willow would be able to figure it all out. The combination of crazy dangerous creatures, adventure, puzzling rules, and even a little love triangle makes this “game” a very interesting one.

Middle and High School fantasy lovers will enjoy this quick read with memorable characters and enough intrigue to keep you a bit puzzled throughout. Although this book could be read alone, you should definitely read Captured first to be fully invested in this story. The third book in the series will be published in the Spring of 2012.

Published by Lobster Press, May 1, 2011
Copy received for review from Linworth Publishing
283 pages

Rating: 4/5

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  1. This sounds so action packed! I think I would have loved it when I was younger.

    Are you enjoying The Violets Of March? I really want to read it, so I look forward to your review.


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