Friday, August 19, 2011

TGIF-and I MEAN That! (One week of school down!)

I'm especially happy for Friday this week. I started school on Monday and it's been a bit stressful. Things are starting to get a little easier, so next week should be a piece of cake!

The TGIF question from Ginger this week is:

The Reviews We Don't Write: Have you ever read a book and not wanted to review it? Are some books too personal that we want to keep our thoughts our own?

The only time I don't review a book is if I didn't finish it. Some of them I do review, but sometimes I don't finish a book because I"m not in the mood, and I intend to get back to it some day. If I DNF because I didn't like the book and never intend to read it then I usually write a short review explaining why. I do think some books are harder to review than others. Sometimes my reviews are shorter than others. I can always find something to say, even if I have personal feelings that I don't want to talk about.

Parajunkee's question this week:

Q. If you could write yourself a part in a book, what book would it be and what role would you play in that book?

This is tough. Princess Mia (Princess Diaries, etc.) would be fun. I would like to be the character that gets the three wishes, or gets kissed by the handsome prince.  You know, a fairy tale!

So, I hope you all have a great weekend, and make sure you go stop by some of the other blogs participating in these memes this week! Thanks for stopping by. My GIVEAWAY ends at midnight tonight -- so enter if you haven't yet!

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  1. Happy Friday! Old follower stopping by. Hope next week is better for son still has 2 weeks of summer vacation

  2. A princess would be awesome. I have seen the movies, but never read Meg Cabot's series. Is it worth a look?

    New follower!


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  4. Completely forgot about Mia!! I love her even though she's a bit scatterbrained. Plus she has Michael I looove him! haha

    Great post, new follower, btw still can't believe in the US school is back in session!! So early I truly empathise:D

    My Post

  5. I agree it would be a challenge to write a review for a book i couldnt finish

  6. i'd love to be my own sort of Katniss character. I recently dyed my blonde hair brown, and now I feel all katniss-y lol! (I WISH!)

    Followin you! Hope you'll come by my blog and tell me what your fav book of 2011 has been so far!

  7. I've only seen the movie. I didn't know she was granted three wishes. I must read this book.

  8. Man being a princess would be awesome. I always see the Princess Diaries books at the library and want to read them... maybe one day. I've read a few pages and the narration sounds really fun. :)

    Oh yeah, new follower. Hang in there. You'll survive the school year!



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