Monday, November 7, 2011

DNF Book Thoughts - The Book of Lost Souls, by Michelle Muto

I must admit that The Book of Lost Souls  was a book that I didn't enjoy enough to finish. I read half the book, and then set it aside. Maybe the reasons I didn't enjoy it won't bother you, so let me explain.

The book was very simply written. Sometimes too simply. I have complained before about too much description, but this was the opposite. There wasn't really a setting. I couldn't picture the characters. This may be a book better suited to younger readers for this reason.

There are quite a few characters. They are introduced very quickly at the beginning. I eventually was able to remember who was who, but it was a bit confusing at first.

This book was light and cute -- but dealt with scary stuff. The incongruity grated on me. I'm not talking about comic relief from tense situations. I never felt the tension, but I think I was supposed to.

I couldn't stand the love triangle. Ivy (the main character) just went ON and ON about two boys -- Dean who Ivy was attracted to, and Nick who was attracted to Ivy. Ugghhhh. It was way to obvious to me which one she belonged with. (Remember I didn't finish the book, so I might be wrong.) She was kind of slow on the uptake -- another reason this might appeal to younger readers.

I liked that this was a town full of witches, wizards, werewolves, demons, vampires, and "regulars." And for the most part they coexisted peacefully. This was an interesting premise, and then people start being murdered and I was intrigued. I just couldn't get through the other problems I had with the book to care enough about solving the mystery.

Published by Dreamscapes Ink, March, 2011
Ebook purchased for my Kindle
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Rating: DNF

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