Saturday, November 19, 2011

DNF -- It's My Fault

This is a very hard post to write. I was so excited to begin my journey through the Iron Fey Series and began to read The Iron King this week. I guess I thought this was more of a paranormal series, so it was not what I expected.

After 159 pages, I decided that I have too many great books on my list to keep punishing myself with this one. But, you need to know that I readily profess that I don't particularly care for "high fantasy." I just don't like books that take place almost entirely in a magical world where a new magical creature is introduced every few pages. I get tired of reading about faeries, pixies, talking cats, sirens, trees that are alive, and goblins. I like reading about how a select few of these creatures may interact with the real world, but that's about it. I didn't get that in this book.

So, this is entirely my fault, I misunderstood the premise of these books. The writing is excellent, the pace flows perfectly, and the characters are interesting. I just don't like the story.

My question is, does it get better? Should I get through this one because they soon go back to the real world and deal with issues there? Or was I correct to give up, because this just isn't my cup of tea.

Please don't stop reading my blog. It seems everyone raves about these books, and believe me, I can see why, but sadly not me...

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  1. Hey, we've all had DNFs and some of mine are with beloved books. This last one was different than the others. No worries, girl! Just keep reading. :)

  2. I had the same problem with this series; I'm not a big fan of high fantasy either. But I was also very curious and, like you said, the writing is excellent, the characters are great, the story flows and the dynamic between the characters is really awesome, so I kept reading. But no, there's not much going on in the real world. On the contrary, the fantasy elements only grow stronger. So, even if the story and the intrigue become more interesting, if you're not into fantasy realms and magical creatures maybe you should put this series aside. It's ok if it's not for you, there's no reason to test your patience (unless, of course, you're already a big fan Ash/Puck, they make the story more interesting).

    Sorry for the long comment, I hope I didn't make you even more confused. :))

  3. I really enjoyed the first one, but I could not get through the second. I just find this series too boring to truly enjoy.

  4. Aww haha Annette, we aren't going to stop reading your blog!! :)

    I totally appreciate your opinion, even though I did love The Iron King, reading is so subjective and not everyone is going to like a series, even if 90% of people rave about it... I know there are some books that I couldn't stand that other people loved, and then there are books that most people didn't like and I thought they were brilliant! Lol, it's all just a matter of personal preference :)

    Thanks for the honestly, hope your next pick is something more to your liking ;)

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  5. Sometimes it is hard to not feel like your the only one not enjoying the new 'hype' but I know I love when bloggers have a different opinion then most.

    I love thrillers and the majority of bloggers (I feel) love YA, it can be hard but of course we won't stop reading your blog.

    Don't torture yourself, there are many that already love this series, find something you will.

  6. I DNF-ed this one, too. I just kept hearing FABULOUS things about it, every single blogger I knew loved it, so I tried reading it and... I was just so disappointed. I felt like there was absolutely nothing original in it. Everything in the book, I felt I had seen before in other books, and done better. I feel your pain on this one. Don't worry, no one will punish you!

  7. I haven't read this series but it is horrible when you think a book is one kind of thing but it turns out to be totally different. Don't feel bad about it!

  8. It's hard to pick up a new series when our TBR piles are ever growing. The first two books in this series were ok but it got a lot better by the third and fourth book. However, there is not much real world action in any of the books. So maybe this series isn't for you...everyone has novels they don't like and that it the great thing about blogging. It's getting to hear others opinions.

  9. You are definitely not alone Annette. I was DNF on this one too, but I love high fantasy. For whatever reason I just didn't get into it. I did recently put a hold on the hard copy at the library so that I could try again, so perhaps I'll change my mind this time around? We all have a few books that just aren't for us, which is ok.

  10. I think it gets a lot better by the third book, but that's because I love high fantasy. :) It sounds like you make the right call for yourself.
    They spend more and more time in fictional worlds and doing high fantasy-ish things like questing.

    And don't worry, of course I'll still read your blog :D

  11. I have the same problem, a lot of bloggers are really into fantasy and it's easy to get caught up in the hype. I'm now trying to get back to what I know and love, even though sometimes it feels as though you're missing out on something everyone else is reading.

  12. This series is on my wish list but i understand how you feel. I had the same problem with Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. Everyone loved it but I couldn't say the same.

    Hey I love to read blogs with honest reviews like yours so no, i will not stop reading your blog ;)

  13. If it was the fairy world you struggled with, I wouldn't continue the series. Almost the whole setting for the three books I've read were in the fairy world. And it's ok not to like it! I didn't love it like everyone else and thought there was something wrong too. But, it's just our own opinions and feelings and those are just right!


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