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Book Review: Intangible by J. Meyers @jmeyersbooks

It's a harsh, difficult world that Meyers has created in Intangible, and the fact that our main characters have no idea what they are up against just made me root for them all the more.

Sera and Luke are twins with special powers. Sera is a healer, and Luke has visions of the future. No one except these two know about their powers (so they think) and they are determined to keep it that way. But, unbeknownst to them, because of these powers, they are being hunted -- and not by just one entity, but by several at the same time!

The danger just keeps coming at them. Their best friend Fey is secretly protecting the twins. They don't know that she is special; they just think she's a great friend. So as Fay is stopping all these vampires from finding Sera and Luke, they are just going about their business. Fey inadvertently uses her healing powers to turn a vampire back to a human, and in the vampire world, all hell breaks lose -- they all want her dead because she is a threat to their realm. Jonas is the vampire "voice of reason." He is trying to help Sera and Luke too, but they don't trust him.

Luke is having visions of Sera's death, and his visions have always come true, so he's panicking -- trying to figure a way to interrupt a vision and make it not happen.

When Marc, a new kid, shows up, it seems easy and natural for Sera and Luke to become friends with him, even though they are very selective about their friends. What they don't know is that Marc is special too. He can hear others' thoughts. So much so, that it makes him ill -- he gets terrible headaches. So these sinister creatures that he calls Shadows have provided him with medicine to make the headaches stop, as long as Marc finds out where these special twins are and turns them over to the Shadows. Marc is very conflicted about this, since he begins to really care about the twins. A bit of romance occurs here, and while it's cute and interesting, it's not a main issue in Intangible.

Well, that's a lot of plot. And there's much more to the story, which is the biggest strength of Intangible. There's a lot going on, the tension never lets up, but it's all easy to follow and shall I say, "believable" (in a paranormal sort of way.) Luke and Sera are as good as gold, but fairly naive. It does take them quite a while to figure everything out, and still most of it has to be explained.

A couple minor difficulties I need to mention. I thought the middle of Intangible was a bit long. The exposition and introduction was fine. The ending was great, but in between all that it was kind of slow with not much happening. I thought it could have been tightened up a bit. Also, the other best friend, Quinn, was barely mentioned, so I didn't really see why he even existed. He didn't contribute to the plot. The only explanation I can see is that he's going to have a bigger part in book 2. And that would be fine with me. Sera and Luke both make stupid decisions (like leaving when they are supposed to stay put!), but this goes along with the fact that they are so naive.

There's a huge climactic ending that had my heart pounding. I loved that Intangible actually had an ending, but with the addition of a couple of hints at the end, we're ready for the next episode. I think paranormal fans will love this one. Those who enjoyed Paranormalcy, Nightshade, Clockwork Angel and those types of stories will want to grab Intangible.

This eBook was a joy to read. It is well-formatted, and I didn't notice any typos or other publishing errors.

Published by CreateSpace, January 29, 2012
eBook obtained from the author
348 pages

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Sounds pretty interesting. I like all the paranormal powers, and the fact that it does have a good ending. Great review, I hadn't previously heard too much about this book but it seems good.

  2. I have this one on my TBR list. The author is such an awesome person. I'm glad to see you enjoyed this one.


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