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Book Review: Storm, by Brigid Kemmerer @BrigidKemmerer

If you can get by the discussion of hot bodies and ripped muscles, Storm has a unique paranormal premise and a thrilling ending.

Becca happens upon Chris being savagely beaten by two other guys, and she helps him escape. She discovers that Chris, who she barely knows from school, lives with his three brothers, and his parents are dead. Even though the brothers aren't kind to her, she can't seem to stay away from Chris. She soon realizes there's more to these brothers -- some secret. After Becca's life is put in danger because she's with Chris, he tells her about his family's abilities. They each can control an element - air, water, fire, and earth.

Because other's who know about these abilities think the brothers are dangerous, there are those who want them dead. And now they think Becca is an "elemental" and she is also on their hit list.

Hunter is the new kid at school, who shows and instant interest in Becca. She's attracted to him, as she tries to distance herself from Chris and the dangers associated with him. But Hunter has secrets of his own.

Storm is a paranormal romance, with the emphasis definitely on the romance. Even with all the danger and excitement, there is a lot of discussion about hot guys, big muscles, kissing, and which guy is the one? To me, it was a bit much and got in the way of the paranormal aspects and the suspense. I suspect this element will be the major appeal to some readers.

Kemmerer includes another element that adds some complexity to the plot, in that Becca has a "past." She's suffering from rumors that she sleeps around with everyone. We aren't give much of an explanation until the end, and the details may disturb some readers. There is an attempted gang rape scene, and the issue of whether Becca was raped, or if it was her fault, is somewhat glossed over. There is some resolution at the end, but this aspect does make Storm more appropriate for older teens.

The standout aspect of Storm is the ending. I enjoyed the climactic moments, and felt my heart pounding at times. There was tension and danger, and the pacing was excellent. The conclusion brings some resolution, but there's much more to the Elementals' story. Spark, the sequel, will be released August 28, 2012.

I will be interested in continuing the saga, even with the cliched love triangle, although I would mostly recommend this one to girls because of that. Teens who want a new take on the paranormal will most certainly enjoy Storm.

Published by Kensington Publishing, April 24, 2012
ARC obtained from Library Media Connection for review
353 pages

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. I can get behind talk of hot bods, hehe.
    I've seen this one around and with what sounds like a great ending, I need to pick it up.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. Hmm, might be one I'll read if it comes my way. :) ..I like the idea of a strong ending though.


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