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Book Review: Forbidden Fire, by Kimberly Kinrade @KimberlyKinrade

Forbidden Fire is an exciting continuation of Forbidden Mind. This installment was longer and more richly detailed. We get to know more about Sam and Drake, as well as some other characters as their lives have all changed since the last book.

*May be slight spoilers from Forbidden Mind*

Sam and Drake have escaped. They are still able to use their powers, but Sam is reluctant to make people do her bidding because she thinks it is morally wrong. She's also pregnant with Drake's child, and having health issues. They feel safe at Venice Beach with Drake's friend until they are followed by men in black and then find one of them in their apartment. They immediately take off to a safe house in the woods. But they are never safe.

Sam also is able to link with Lucy back at Rent-A-Kid, and things at the school have changed. They are under guard, they have no freedom, and when someone breaks the rules, the punishment has become very serious. They need to escape and have formed a group of students to help plan this. Sam and Drake make their way to the school to help their friends.

I still feel a little detached from these characters. The pacing is great, the story is exciting but there's something about Sam and Drake that I don't buy. The romance doesn't feel real, and I can't believe Sam has such problems with their powers. When it's in self-defense of you or your loved ones, buck it up and use the gift that you have! I think she's overly sensitive and it annoyed me.

The ending is a huge dangerous showdown. But also some parts are unexpected. I liked the ambiguity of the bad guy. Is he bad? This is a question that Sam contemplates. And, while the big fight is over, there are still many unanswered questions and the rent-a-kids are far from safe. The third installment, Forbidden Life, will be released October 2, 2012, and I'm looking forward to it!

Published by Evolved Publishing, July 15, 2012
eBook obtained from the author for review.
266 pages (Qualifies for my Books You Can Read in a Day Challenge!)

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Mmm..sounds like the whole power thing is a bit over dramatized, eh? ;)

    At any rate, thanks for the review! :)


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