Sunday, May 19, 2013

An Amazing Student Project

I just had to share with you this YouTube video created by one of our graduating seniors for her AP Literature final project.

First, a bit of a description of the assignment from her teacher:

As part of our study of literature, it's my desire the students understand why we as a culture consider literature a subject worthy of study in the first place, so we attempt to explore all year the connection we have as human beings with the written word. For their final projects, the students are asked to define for themselves the concepts of language, composition, literature, and what it means to be human. Most significantly, though, they are asked to explore how these concepts are interconnected.

As for the format of the project, the kids are asked to incorporate static and moving images, sound, etc., with only minimal use of words. Because our focus has been devoted predominantly to the written word, the real challenge is to get them to think abstractly about expressing meaning without the over-reliance of words.

I hope you enjoy....

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