Thursday, May 16, 2013

Book Review: The Pregnancy Project, by Gaby Rodriguez

I don't read much non-fiction, but I enjoyed The Pregnancy Project. It's a real story about one of today's brave teenagers -- and it is told well.

Gaby is the daughter of a single parent -- she's the youngest of seven children and from a relatively poor family who has always struggled. Gaby's mother gave birth to her first child at the age of 15, and several of Gaby's siblings followed the same path -- becoming a parent during their teens.

Gaby is intelligent and wanted more from her life. She worked hard and wanted to go to college. It seemed like her family was rooting for her as the last "hope" to redeem them.

Gaby always wanted to make a difference in the world. For her senior project, she wanted to study stereotypes and how they can have a huge effect on a teen's life. So, she chooses to fake being pregnant and see how her friends, teachers, and family respond. She had a friend help by collecting quotes that she heard behind Gaby's back. It was a well thought out project that Gaby worked very hard at. And, it was much more difficult that she ever imagined.

However, when it was over, it had a much bigger impact that she ever thought possible too. It became a nationwide news story, culminating with a Lifetime movie and this book.

The Pregnancy Project is clearly written. Gaby tells her story in a very straightforward manor, interjecting her strong beliefs in a heartfelt way. She does some preaching, but it isn't bothersome -- she is entitled to it! The Pregnancy Project is just over 200 pages, so there really isn't time to get bored. It moves very quickly and is always interesting.

The Pregnancy Project can be recommended to any teen girl -- even pre-teens will find this accessible. It carries a message beyond just "don't get pregnant." The message is about supporting and not stereotyping those teens that do get pregnant (or even those teens who have other issues that create stereotypes.)

I think The Pregnancy Project should be on the shelves of every high school library.

Published by Simon & Schuster BFYR, 2012
Copy obtained from the library
216 pages (qualifies for my Books You Can Read in a Day Challenge!)

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I haven't heard of this book before but it sounds powerful. I love that Gaby took on this challenge and exposed people's stereotypes and treatment of people.

  2. I'm really looking forward to reading this one. I was always under the impression that she was truly pregnant and not faking it. I think this would make a good book club book.

    1. That's a great thought. I would be a good book club book. I might try that one next year. Thanks!

  3. I've been so curious about this book since it came out. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it, and that Gaby seems to have some valuable insight to share after her experiment. This sounds truly fascinating, and I have a copy, so I should make some time to read it finally. :-) Great review Annette!

  4. I really enjoyed these books where it's more than a story but also lends a message to teens that might be facing that situation too--or can avoid it in this case I guess. I have been seeing mostly good reviews on this one since it came out I think I'd like it. Plus I love thee types of short reads that you can easily get through in a day.

  5. The premise of this book really intrigued me when I first saw it come into the bookstore where I work. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm happy it was written so well and had messages that teens should receive. I'm going to make sure my daughters read this. Thanks for sharing, Annette!

  6. I remember hearing about this but didn't realize that a book had been written! I'll add this to our list


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