Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Armchair BEA - Blog Development

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Here's the assignment for today's post:  Tell us about things you've done to expand your blogging horizons, and the things you'd like to do but haven't managed (or figured out) yet. Come back here to link up your post, and then go see what other participants have to say. Let's foster our development as bloggers and learn from each other!

This is a real weakness of mine. I didn't start my blog to count followers. It was supposed to be a personal thing. And, my blog grows very slowly. I have over 500 followers, but I've been blogging almost three years. I actually have done LESS in the past year to attract people to my blog.

What do I do? I participate in a couple of memes on a weekly basis. I try to comment a lot (but never enough.) I mostly review books that are current -- either right before or right after they are published. I think my reviews are good. They are fairly short. They don't give away any spoilers -- actually I don't talk too much about the plot except in general terms. I concentrate on what I thought about the book. That's what I'm looking for when I read a review. I don't need six paragraphs on what happened in the book and then a two sentence, "I really liked it." That doesn't help me.

What SHOULD I do? I've wanted to update the design of my blog for a long time. Actually spend some money. I should be more active on Twitter -- but that takes away from my reading time. I should do more giveaways. I should post things besides reviews. Even though on other blogs I follow, I pretty much only read the book reviews, other people seem to like other stuff. Author interviews, book blasts, etc.

Will I do this? I might some day work on my blog design. I might try to have more giveaways. But other than that, probably not. My heart just isn't in the marketing aspect of blogging. I'm all about reading and reviewing. If I don't have many followers it's really OK.  Really.

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  1. I've not being doing anything to gain more followers either, even though I know I should. I think we're coming at blogging from a very similar perspective :)

  2. Twitter is a hard thing. It can be addictive, but i have found after an initial outlay of time, I now spend very little time on it. I restrict myself to checking about 3 times a day and a schedule my tweets ahead of time. Not the most interactive way to do it, but it works for me.


  3. I think you have the same mind set as me. My blog was meant to be fun. Those that do follow I'm thankful for, but I'm not desperate for them!

    Blogger Development & Fiction

  4. I love your blog BECAUSE it has tons of reviews, so I hope you'll keep doing lots of them. :-) I agree, Twitter and Facebook and all the other marketing aspects take time away from reading and reviewing, and it's hard to find a balance. It's great that you're doing what personally satisfies you with your blog, because otherwise it would feel like work, rather than a fun outlet. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love your type of reviews the best, it is the same kind I write. I don't put book descriptions in my reviews. I assume if you need a description it is easy enough for you to find one.


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