Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Book Review: Crime of Privilege, by Walter Walker

Crime of Privilege is a mystery/thriller that I enjoyed more for the characters than the actual thrill.

George is screwed. He’s gotten through law school, and has a job as an assistant DA on Cape Cod, but all of this has only been possible because of one night, long ago. George had attended a part at the family home of Senator Gregory and had witnessed some younger members of the family taking advantage of a very drunk girl also attending the party. The repercussions and cover up surrounding this event has changed George’s life.

Little does he know that it isn’t over yet, twelve years later, when a man asks George to get involved in the unsolved mystery of the murder of his daughter.  This father believes the Gregorys have something to do with the murder.

It seems as if George has no control over his own life. He’s been pulled into a vortex and can’t figure out how to get out. As he begins investigating, while getting pressure from his boss, the DA, as well as the family of the girl who was raped 12 years ago, he realizes he is more screwed than he ever thought.

The heart of Crime of Privilege is George’s figuring out how to get himself out of this mess. He’s torn between doing the right thing (and losing everything), and going with the flow (and continuing to enjoy the life he currently leads.) He honestly cannot trust anyone – because it seems everyone is working on some side of this case. I enjoyed watching George’s character go through this turmoil. I really enjoyed his partner, Barbara, too. She was a well-written character that allowed much of George’s growth.

The pacing of Crime of Privilege is good. I read it fairly quickly, and never got bored. As far as “thrilling,” I never really got the thrill. I thought it was pretty obvious who the killer was and the ending, while giving me a sense of justice, kind of fizzled instead of popping. There weren't any huge twists or revelations that surprised me.

I enjoyed the epilogue, and thought it added some closure to George’s plight – which I really wanted while reading Crime of Privilege.

I would recommend Crime of Privilege to those who like a light thriller that is a lot about the characters and not so much about surprising twists and turns.

Published by Random House, June 18, 2013
ARC obtained from LibraryThing Early Reviewers
413 pages

Rating: 3.5

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  1. This sounds like such an interesting premise! It's easy to imagine the uber rich and influential covering up their crimes, and the most interesting perspective would be the innocent people who get involved in ways they wouldn't imagine. I'm really curious to see how George handles this delicate situation. Awesome review, and thanks for bringing this to my attention!


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