Friday, June 28, 2013

Feature & Follow Friday - Preferred Formats

Alison Can Read Feature & Follow
Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy your weekend. Today's Feature & Follow question from Alison & Parajunkee is:

Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, paperback etc?

Nothing feels better that a solid harback book in my hands. I love the feel and smell, so I guess that will always be my favorite.  However....eBooks have to be a very close second. That hardback doesn't fit so well in my purse. And I can't pull it out and read while I'm standing in line. I love my Kindle and could never live without it!

How about you? Leave me your link so I can check out your answer. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I completely agree, Annette. A physical book provides the whole experience. :) But I do read almost exclusively on my helps that I can blow up the font! ;)

  2. I'm more of an ebook person... I had to force myself to start and now it's hard to stop!

    Julianna Smith // Reading In Twilight - FFF

  3. Hardbacks definitely don't fit into purses...well, unless you got a purse the size of a backpack like me. I had to give up tiny purses when I had a kid. :(

    I'm a new follower via linky.

    MY FF

  4. Anette I also feel the same as you. I can use my Nook with one hand and click or tap on the screen for the next page, something I can't do with my hardcovers LOL

    My Friday Meme

    Have a great week!

  5. I read in lines too! usually only if they are slow or long. But that is why I always have a book on me. You never know. :)
    New follower via GFC and Google+
    Here is my FF.


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