Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge - Day 7

Today's assignment from Parajunkee is to list book blogger pet peeves. I'm not sure if I can think of ten book blogger pet peeves, but here are a few:

  1. Silly typos. Not proofreading. I know that everyone makes the occasional mistake, but at least use spell check to catch the obvious ones! It's hard to take a review seriously if it is rife with mistakes.
  2. When book reviews mention this is a book in a series, but don't list the other books in that series.
  3. When a blog posts only spotlights, memes, books tours, etc. and very few reviews. Nothing makes me stop following more quickly.
  4. When reviewers summarize the entire book in great detail, but don't give any personal opinion except "it was good." I need to know if you liked it or not, and WHY.
  5. When reviewers quote from ARCs. I've never received an ARC that didn't ask me NOT to quote from it. Only quote from the original. I see this violated all the time! (And I am SOOOO tempted sometimes.)
  6. CAPTCHA. Try removing it. Just TRY it. You'll see -- it's not that bad! Use comment moderation, if you are that worried about it. And for heaven's sake, why would you use BOTH?
That's all I can come up with now. For the most part, I think bloggers are great people who try to do what is correct, have fun, and help each other out.

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  1. #3, #4, #6 yes! And I am guilty of #2 - I guess I need to fix that.

  2. I do agree with all your points. Typos are in my list as well (I mean those that I put under the "Spelling 2.0" category - not so much the occasional mistakes).

    When reviewers summarize the entire book in great detail, but don't give any personal opinion except "it was good."
    Pointless, isn't it? :)

    Here's my list.

    BTW - I'm a grown up woman too, but YA is my not-so-secret guilty pleasure :).

  3. I'm guilty of #2 - I used to list out all the other books, but a lot of my series starting being REALLY long (like Morganville Vampires...) so I figured enough was enough. Maybe I'll start linking to the Goodreads list of the series?

    1. Yes, I know some series get really long. Perhaps just a link to the series page on Amazon or Goodreads...

  4. I specially agree with the point about captcha - it's very annoying.
    And I'm kind of guilty of #3 - I don't post reviews - simply because I love reading, but hate writing reviews. So, my blog is mostly about finding cool bookish stuff.

    Rosa @ Bookish Findings
    I recently posted: My Favorite Quotes from The Fault in Our Stars

  5. I completely agree with the typos and would add grammar to my list as well but I didn't think of it at the time. Being a teacher, it just bothers me when people make a lot of errors in their reviews and posts. A few are fine... no one is perfect, but please proofread. :)

    I am also guilty of not listing all of the books in the series. I always mention which book it is and the name of the series but I never thought to list all of the titles. Thank you for mentioning that. Food for thought.


  6. So guilty of #2... now I feel like I ought to fix my posts... I think my plugin at least lets you click on the series to hopefully find my other reviews though.. that is helpful?

    I think I post too many reviews - 3-5 a week. Or maybe that's good. I like my memes, it helps me network and I think sometimes people get sick of reviews and want something different. Great list though, a lot of them annoy me that didn't make my own list.

    My Pet Peeves

    1. As far as I'm concerned, the more reviews the better. I try to do 3 per week. Reviews are my favorite things to read. Maybe I'm not in the majority, though. Having a link to the series is fine, I think. I just know sometimes I've had a devil of a time finding the books in the series and the order they go in!

  7. Great list, and I totally share your pet peeves! I'm guilty of #2. Sometimes I'll mention one or two books in the series, but I never methodically cover all the series books. I think #6 is probably my biggest pet peeves and leads to me losing patience with commenting and moving on. Captcha is something that needs to go the way of the dodo asap. :-)

  8. I do number 5 for my Sentence Sneak Peek feature but I make sure to say that it's an ARC that I read (I'm pretty sure it's okay to do as long as you're not claiming that it's from the final book.)

    Capcha yes it is so very annoying and I can never read what they say.

  9. I'm afraid that I'm definitely guilty of #2. I usually list the series title itself but not every other book in the series. I don't think it's necessary, though I do mention book 1 most of the time?

    Otherwise, I completely agree with your pet peeves list. Some of them are on my list too haha. I guess we're all fed up of the same stuff!

    - Farhana @ Digesting The Words

    1. Mentioning book 1 helps. I'd just like a link to a list of the books in the order they go in. I know sometimes if it's a long series, it isn't practical to list them all, but I just don't want to have to work to hard to find out the order of the books in the series.

  10. #2 is great, Annette. I'll keep that in mind. I'm going to double check I review that will be posting soon to make sure all 7 books in the series are listed in order!


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