Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book Review: The Last Dead Girl, by Harry Dolan

The Last Dead Girl is twisted! It's not at all what you think, and the story kept me guessing.

David and his fiance have separated after he discovers she has cheated on him. He picks up a girl, Jana, and spends the next ten days with her. Then....she is murdered. David, who naturally is a suspect, is obsessed with finding out what happened to Jana. He doesn't believe that the landlord did it -- which is the direction the police begin to take.

This story becomes such a tangled web! David begins to trace all of Jana's acquaintances, and it turns out she was trying to help prove the innocence of a man who is in jail for killing his wife. About halfway through the book, we begin to get flashbacks of Jana's life after she left her mother and decided to head to New York and try to become an actress. With the help of these flashbacks, things slowly begin to fall together, but it's totally unbelievable. (In a good way.)

Dolan can really spin a yarn. Who comes up with this stuff? I really didn't even realize that the "David" in The Last Dead Girl is the same David in Bad Things Happen. This book is a prequel, and I didn't catch the last name of the character. Anyway, it didn't really matter, and I've enjoyed all Dolan's books. I would recommend The Last Dead Girl to anyone who likes mystery/detective novels. Even though this is an adult book, I think teens will also enjoy The Last Dead Girl, so I'm going to make sure I recommend it to my mystery fans.

Published by Amy Einhorn Books, January 9. 2014
ARC obtained from the publisher
402 pages

Rating: 4.5/5

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