Thursday, January 23, 2014

Book Review: Heartbeat, by Elizabeth Scott

Heartbeat is a touching story about a teen in a grim situation.

Emma is having a hard time since her pregnant mother died, but her step dad is keeping her on life support trying to save their unborn child. Emma is barely speaking to her step dad because she is so angry. Her mother was over 40 and had difficulty getting pregnant. Emma is convinced her step dad only wants the baby and doesn't care about her mother.

Emma ticked me off. I get that her mother died suddenly, and she was unprepared. And, her mother was worried about the pregnancy. But, she just shuts down. Everyone tells her she needs counseling, but NO ONE does anything about it! Emma has a great friend who sticks by her and tries to help as Emma spires out of control. She's a former straight A student who is now skipping classes and not turning in any assignments.

I get that her step dad is also mourning. But he's not doing anything to help Emma either.

It's just frustrating. Emma finally turns to Caleb, another out of control teen who has stolen cars and been in other trouble with the law. They have a common bond, though. Caleb's little sister died a few years ago after falling off her bicycle. This bond makes for a slow, sweet developing romance.

Things do get better at the end. The lines of communication begin to open and healing begins.

Heartbeat is a touching story about grief and family and healing. There's also a lovely romantic element that doesn't take over the story. There isn't a lot of depth here, but Heartbeat is also a very quick read that many teen girls will love.

Published by Harlequin Teen, January 28, 2014
eARC obtained from Edelweiss
256 pages (qualifies for my Books You Can Read in a Day Challenge!)

Rating: 3/5

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  1. Scott is good at tackling hard issues. I want to read this book, but I'm worried that it'll be an emotionally draining read.

  2. My review of this one goes up tomorrow. We had some similar thoughts. I was also frustrated that nobody (aside from Olivia) stepped in and tried to help Emma. She does a complete 180 and not one adult notices or cares enough to get her help?

  3. I agree, this is nice quick read about grief and healing that unfortunately doesn't go too deep. I know a lot of people struggled with Emma, but I understood where she was coming from. Like you I was baffled as to why no adults really make an effort to help her when she so clearly needs it. Wonderful honest review!


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