Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Review: Silver, by Chris Wooding

If you're into exciting survival books, Silver will fit the bill.

Paul is the new kid at an exclusive boarding school in the middle of nowhere. He's trying to fit in and has and admirer in Caitlyn, but he's not feeling it. Caitlyn is tired of playing second fiddle to perfect Erika. No one likes Adam. He's mean. And Mark is invisible.

It's typical high school stuff. Until weird creatures start appearing. First the students discover huge beetles that are silver and appear to be metallic. Things rapidly deteriorate, as other larger metallic animals are spotted. These creatures start attacking the humans who become infected and turn into these zombie-like metallic beings.

The survivors are holed up in the science building, but the creatures outside get stronger and smarter as hope of rescue diminishes.

Silver is a classic teen survival story that will get your heart pumping at times. Once it gets going, it never stops. But it takes a long time to get going. The setup is slow, and after all that, I still didn't connect with the characters. I don't really care about them, I think I needed a bit more personality out of them. Also, I found Silver to be a bit repetitive. I get that Adam is beating himself up, and Paul has a big secret. Tell me something ELSE so I can bond with these characters instead of repeating the same teen-angsty thoughts over and over.

So, while the action will take your breath away, the characters and a bit of a slow start are the weaknesses. It's all about what you like in a book, and for teen reluctant readers, Silver might be one to recommend.

Published by Scholastic, March 25, 2014
eARC obtained from NetGalley
320 pages

Rating: 3/5

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  1. I tried another book by Wooding and I had the same reaction after finishing it. Too bad that the characters aren't all that memorable. Maybe for those who are more focused on plot won't mind too much but that would turn me off.


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