Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book Review: Stolen, by Lucy Christopher

Stolen is the harrowing story of one teen's abduction and survival.

Gemma is drugged and abducted from the airport in Bangkok, and taken by a twisted, disturbed boy to the middle of nowhere in the Australian outback. He has built his own little survival camp and intends to keep Gemma there forever.

Scary stuff! The Australian setting is the most unique and interesting aspect. The fact that Ty, our abductor, planned so well for them to be able to survive indefinitely in the middle of nowhere is fascinating.

However, while the plot did move and things were always happening, I found myself a bit bored. Besides the setting, I just didn't find anything that different about Stolen. Gemma's adaptation and attachment to her captor was all a bit predictable.

I had no idea how she was going to get out of this situation, and I found the ending resolution believable and interesting. I though Gemma's battle with Stockholm Syndrome was authentic (but what do I know?)

For teens who enjoy abduction and survival stories, I would definitely recommend Stolen. It's a short, exciting read that should keep their interest. I'm just a bit jaded because of the number of books of this genre that I've read.

Published by Chicken House, 2010
Copy obtained from the library
299 pages

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Oh this one is on my TBR! It does sound pretty intriguing, and I'm always in for abduction stories. I love the Taken movies haha. Thanks for sharing and great review!

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas

  2. Aww, too bad you didn't like this one, Annette. I loved it. I was so disturbing that I couldn't turn away from the story. I had actually had to tell other people about it because I couldn't stop thinking about it. What's horrifying is reading some comments from young readers who thinks the abduction was romantic. *Shudders*

  3. I read this one when it first came out...before there were lots like it. I made a co-worker read it too so I could talk to someone about it. *ha* I was really moved by Stolen...I felt for Gemma but I also felt for Ty...and I felt badly?!? for that. Ty really did have everything well planned but in his mind, he was doing what was best for Gemma. Anyway, I'm sorry it didn't really trip your trigger, Annette. I understand...I'm getting a bit jaded with NA right now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I really liked this one. The setting was different and the plot was exciting (for me, anyway). Even though movies like Taken scare me to death, I am fascinated by kidnapping stories. The stuff of nightmares, but they make for exciting novels!

  5. I haven't read this yet, I started it once but got bored and never finished. I am tempted to pick it up and give it another go though, I've seen lots of great reviews. Thanks for the great review :)


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