Monday, October 27, 2014

Book Review: Run by Andrew Grant

Run is an exciting, fast-paced crime thriller, but I had a little trouble with the tone in which it is written.

Marc has just been relieved of his contract as a computer consultant at a high tech firm. He's been removed from the building without any of his belongings, including his computer. But what he does have are two flash drives containing a lot of data. He simply wants to use the data to test a new product he is developing that will make him a lot of money.

Marc's wife works at the company also. She returns home and begs Marc to give her the data. The company knows he stole it. Marc refuses, and his wife, acting very strangely, ends up leaving. His house is burglarized that night, and his computer is erased. He calls the police, but they aren't much help.

Then Homeland Security arrives. Or is it Homeland Security? Marc is visited by two different supposed agents, and he doesn't know who to believe. They don't believe Marc either. They think he is responsible for a virus that is on the company's computers and also in the data he stole.

Things just keep getting worse for Marc. He's trying to clear himself and find out what the virus does and who is responsible for it. In the process he ends up running for his life -- a couple of times.

Run has several entertaining twists and turns and definitely keeps you guessing. I really enjoyed the plot. What I had difficulty with is the tone of the writing, and maybe more specifically, the characters.

I didn't buy either Homeland Security agent. I hated McKenna. He's too flippant and cutesy. I never believed he was for real.  However, I really didn't like the other agent either. Neither of these characters, as well as several other minor characters, rang true to me. I didn't think their reactions and attitudes were natural. It was like watching a movie with really bad, over the top actors.

There were also a few "no way that would happen" moments, but they didn't cause Run to lose all credibility.

I feel like my complaints about Run are pretty personal and may not apply to all readers. It's just the feeling I got when trying to relate to the story and "dig in." I felt like maybe Grant was going for some comic relief, but I didn't think the plot warranted that.

The second person ending was different. I give Grant points for originality, but I really thought it was kind of hokey. Given how I felt about other parts of the book, I guess it fits.

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a thriller with a little technology involved. And lots of corporate espionage. Run is also appropriate, and highly recommended, for teens. It's exciting and may be just the thing for some reluctant readers. You can probably read the beginning and discover very quickly whether you have the same problems as I did. If not, I think you will thoroughly enjoy Run. Even if you do have problems, I still enjoyed the twists and turns very much, so it was worth the read.

Published by Ballentine, October 7, 2014
eARC obtained from Edelweiss
288 pages

Rating: 3/5

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