Friday, December 5, 2014

Feature & Follow Friday - Books in the Queue

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Happy Friday everyone! How's the holiday shopping going? Anyone stressssssed out yet?  Here's today's question from Parajunkee and Alison:

Do you decide in advance what you read for the coming week or month? Why / why not? - Suggested by Unconventional Book Views

I usually have the next two or three books that I'm going to read in mind. I base my decisions much of the time on when ARCs are released, because I like to read them close to that date. Then I fill in with other books that I want to read. The schedule is flexible, and sometimes I decide to read a book on the spur of the moment. Working in a library, it's easy to have a book call out to you, "read me now!" I usually have the day I'm going to finish a book in mind also -- this often slips because I'm always trying to squeeze more reading in (aren't we all!) and sometimes I can't.

How about you? Are you a planner? How does that work out for you? Please leave me a link in the comments so I can stop by.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for visiting. Come back soon!

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  1. I'm very much the same way! I would love to work in a library! I'm sure it would get me in trouble though...

    Here's my F&F!

  2. Same here. I don't like to get too tied down because if I run across a book that I really like then I want to be able to read it and not feel like I can never make changes or read something that I, personally, really want to rather than just ARC and blog tour schedules. Old follower

  3. We have similar views :) And while I do have a schedule that keeps me on my toes, it is very flexible :)

    New follower!

    Sparrow's F&F


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