Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Statistically Speaking

I like to do these summary posts mostly for me, so I have a record, but if you are interested, here's my reading accomplishments for 2015.

You can see the detailed list of all my reviews on my 2015 Review Archives Page.

If you are interested in favorite books of the year, you can check out my 2015 End of Year Book Survey.

The numbers:

I read 124 books in 2015, which was actually 29 less than the 153 I read in 2014. That's three years in a row I've read less books! What's up with that? Well, this year I kind of have an excuse. In August, I became a grandmother for the first time!
And, in October, we broke ground on a new house. I've never built a house before, and my son is my contractor. It's been a lot of fun, but a lot of work and my mind has been very preoccupied with house plans.

So I'm a bit disappointed in my numbers, but looking at the year I've had, I'm OK with it.

If you look at number of pages, I read 46,874, which is very close to 1,000 pages less than the 56,824 I read last year. Average book length: 378 pages. Last year's 56,824 is my all time record for number of pages.

80 of the books I read were e-books and 13 were audiobooks. Pretty close to 2014 numbers.

Average book rating (out of a scale of 5) was 3.79. This may seem a bit high, but I never give a "1" rating -- if a book is that bad, I don't finish it. I DNF (did not finish) 7 books this year, less than last year. And I rarely give "2" ratings (only 1 this year). I gave several 2.5 ratings, though. 15 books got a 5/5 rating this year. (26 last year -- I must be getting harder to please!) That's about 14% of the books I read.

Here's a link to my 2014 statistics, for comparison.

Reading Challenges:

Here's a link to my 2015 Reading Challenges Summary Page

The You Read How Many Books Challenge, hosted by Book Dragon's Lair: I read 124 books, so did not meet my goal of 150 books.

The 2015 Ebook Challenge hosted right here at Annette's Book Spot: I challenged myself to read 75 Ebooks. I read 80. Completed!

The Library Books Reading Challenge, hosted by Book Dragon's Lair: Even though I failed last year, I once again challenged myself to read 50 library books. And I did even WORSE! Last year 43, this year, 36. Hmmm. Too many review books on my TBR.

I'm hoping that 2016 will be better, but it's going to be another busy year. I would always want to have bigger numbers, but I'm pretty happy with my numbers from 2015, given my life situation. So we'll see what happens in the new year!

How did your year go? Did you meet your goals? Are you surprised by anything? What about 2016? Are your goals the same, or are you making adjustments?

Thanks for visiting and Happy Reading!

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  1. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson. Grandparents are priceless as my parents spoil my girls rotten and used to help us any way they could when we lived in the city. Despite the disappointment in your numbers, you read amazingly well! And wow, I'm intrigued by you breaking new ground for a spanking brand new house. That is so cool.

  2. Wow, you have had quite a year! No wonder you didn't read as much. Still, 124 books is not bad at all.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I do like statistics and end of the year round-ups. I haven't done mine yet, but will try to do it this weekend. I think becoming a grandmother and building a house are definitely good reasons to read less! Just think, soon you'll be reading baby/kid books :-) How fun!


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