Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Review: StarCrossed by Elizabeth Bunce

I have mixed feelings about Star Crossed. I enjoyed the book, although I found it a bit plodding at times.

At the beginning, there are many characters, places, and seven moons, along with their goddesses to be introduced to. The introduction to this new world was a bit overwhelming. Then I found the Lexicon in the back of the book that defined all these things.  I think this should be in the front of the book, or at least there should be a note that it exists in the back because it was very helpful.

This is an interesting adventure which involves an alternate world (the seven moons kind of gives that away.) Many years ago this country had been taken over, and there has been much oppression of the people, and all magic has been outlawed. Our main character, Digger, is a thief who is running away so as not to get caught. She is taken in by some “Nobs” (stands for Nobility). Digger (or Celyn, as she is now called) becomes a lady’s maid for the princess, Meri. Digger's power is that she can sense magic in others. She realizes that Mari has magical abilities, and that this is a very dangerous thing.

All is not what it seems in the castle. Digger/Celyn begins to suspect there are many secrets, and maybe some of the people in the castle may be planning some sort of revolt against the government. Lord Daul knows Digger’s true identity, and blackmails her to do some spying for him. Digger discovers much more than she ever wanted to. It is difficult to tell who the good guys are, and who is bad.

Bunce writes a deliberately paced novel of Digger’s discoveries as she slowly realizes just how dire her situation is. I wouldn’t say it is slow, but it is very detailed and there are surprises and plot twists to keep it interesting. The pace picks up as the action builds at the end of the book, and the ending is satisfying, but leaves plenty of questions for Digger’s future books (Liar’s Moon will be released sometime this year.)

I’m not sure to whom I can recommend this book. It’s a fantasy, with a little bit of magic, so I wouldn’t call it paranormal.  There's barely any romance. It takes a while to get into the book, and it kept my interest, but I think I would have to give this to real fantasy lovers only.

Published by Arthur A. Levine, 2010
Copy obtained from the library
359 pages (Qualifies for my 350 Page Book Challenge!)
Rating: 2.5/5

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