Saturday, March 5, 2011

Book Review: Wish, by Alexandra Bullen

Wish is a delightful, easy, fun book. Alexandra Bullen has created some memorable, entertaining characters.

Olivia and her mom and dad have just moved to San Francisco, cross country, trying to get over the death of Olivia’s twin sister, Violet. Of course Olivia is having trouble coping with her loss, as well as fitting in at a new school.

In the process of trying to find something to wear to a stupid party at her mom’s new job, she runs across an old dress shop with a mysterious seamstress. Instead of fixing the dress that Olivia brings her, she creates a stunning new dress, which not only looks beautiful, but can grant a wish.

Olivia doesn’t realize this, and is understandably stunned when her dead sister appears. After a visit to the seamstress, she discovers she’s entitled to two more dresses, with their accompanying wishes.

The best part of this story is the characters. I became attached to Olivia, frightened for her (because you know nothing good can come of her sister’s return) and hopeful that she can, in the end, find some peace and happiness.

Bullen’s secondary characters are entertaining and well done. The plot is somewhat predictable – which isn’t a bad thing, given that this is a “genie in the lamp” story. So, even with that, I was invested in the story, and wanted to see how it all turned out. There’s forbidden romance, which is well done in this story, budding, realistic friendships, and a satisfying ending that left me with a good feeling.

I would recommend this to teen girls, especially younger teens. Middle school girls will really enjoy this trip, and look forward to the sequel, Wishful Thinking, which is already available.

Published by Point, 2010
Copy obtained free from Amazon for my Kindle
336 pages

Rating: 3/5

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  1. This book looks good. I love stories that involve wishes, you never know what's going to happen:) Thanks for the review!


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